After going to a local salon that offered only natural products and services for several years and loving everything about it from the products to the people Christine Perkins started the thought process and planning of creating her own salon and spa for people to love. During the process many factors came into play that were must haves for this new business like a great location, being environmental not just with the products offered but the space the services were performed in and coming up with something that was different than everyone else was offering. Having a team of people that love what they do and have available resources and benefits that are uncommon to the industry. It was also clear from the beginning that the products offered were made from eco-friendly ingredients with an emphasis on scientifically proven effectiveness. 

After picking the location in the heart of Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA it wasn’t long before the grand opening of this beautiful 3500 sq. ft. luxury spa and salon took place in November 2004. It was a gorgeous space and had a team of the best service providers trained to exceed every expectation. Due to the huge success of this first location it wasn’t long until talk of another was started several years later. Our second location in the suburbs outside the city landed us in Burlington, MA opening in September of 2008. This location was everything that our first offered but at a grand level in more ways than one, now offering 12,000 sq. ft. of salon and spa space. Now we are one of the largest luxury spa and salons in New England setting the bar for everyone to follow.

Quickly outgrowing the original location in Cambridge, we had to figure out our next move which was to renovate or expand. The challenge of expanding was set as a goal and proved to not be an easy one. After countless possible locations were considered the perfect fit was located and the process began. Our newly expanded and modern space was moved just a few minutes down the street. We opened our brand-new 7,500 sq. ft. space in November 2014 which more than doubled the previous location. Pyara was now able to accommodate more guests and offer a brand new luxurious modern salon and spa, just steps away from Cambridge’s Harvard Square.

Pyara Spa and Salon has won awards multiple years from Salon Today Magazine Top 200 Salons, Best of Boston, Best of North Shore Magazine to name just a few of the many. More importantly we are a high-end salon & spa that works hard to build relationships with every guest. Our team has superior technical abilities with their constant advanced education and their passion to make people feel great. Our team is diverse in many ways and we are sure to have someone that can accommodate your needs and they work with you to make you feel valued and appreciated with every visit. Education and continued growth to develop who we are and what we offer is just one of our many goals to exceed expectations with every guest. At Pyara Spa and Salon we wouldn’t be where we are without our loyal and dedicated guests along with our talented team of professionals.

One of the most common questions we encounter is: Why was Pyara picked as the name for the business?
“When putting together a design and business plan, we kept coming back to this overall concept of wanting everyone to feel as if they were leaving with a big hug. To tell the truth, we were being a little silly, but when trying to figure out a name that could translate the idea, we came across the word “Pyara”. The aryvedic main meaning is “beloved”, in the context of Term of Endearment, and the second meaning is “hug” Coincidentally, my middle name is Amy, which also translates to ‘beloved”. It just worked!”