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Seasonal Makeup Trends for a Flawless Fall Look

Crisp fall weather is here, and with it comes fashionable sweaters, boots, vibrant scarves, and stylish leather jackets. When you bring out your cold-weather wardrobe, often it inspires you to want to...

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Take Care of Your Skin with Dermaplaning at Pyara Spa and Salon

Your facial skin is sensitive and takes the brunt of harsh UV rays, moisture-depleting dry air, environmental elements, and the effects of mask-wearing.  Sometimes your face needs a little extra TLC,...

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Hydrate Your Skin with a HydraFacial Treatment at Pyara Spa and Salon

Hydration is one of the keys to healthy, radiant skin. At Pyara Spa and Salon, we have a full menu of HydraFacial treatments for you to choose from. All our treatments combine cleansing, exfoliation, ...

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Red Hair Color & Highlights Inspiration for Fall

Looking to make a change with the fall weather looming ahead? Fall is one of the most colorful seasons with the leaves changing to bright yellow, vibrant red, and festive orange. If you’re looking t...

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Get Keratin-Enriched Hair with a Brazilian Blowout and Healthy Foods

Healthy hair is linked to how healthy you are overall. Being active, eating well-balanced foods, and staying hydrated all make a difference in the well-being of your hair and skin. At Pyara Spa and Sa...

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