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A Year of New Changes

Going into the new year there has been so much exciting change leading us into 2020 at Pyara Spa and Salon.  Our commitment to our guests is the first and foremost.  Bringing the best results driven products and services with clean ingredients which has always been a passion!   While so many factors had been taken into consideration with every change, they all were done with our devoted guests and our talented team of professionals in mind every step of the way.   Our commitment to you is first and foremost by bringing the most results driven products and services with clean ingredients allowing you to truly experience our passion.  
The first big change we made was to Davines and many of you may never have heard of them and you most definitely haven’t seen them around locally, at the grocery store or drug store either.  We found them during extensive research along with a ton of consideration into finding products that are true to their brand, natural ingredients, environmental and results that you can see, feel and notice to name just a few important factors.
Well now you can experience Davines luxurious styling products, shampoos conditioners, serums, masks, creams, oils, along with new face and body products too. Don’t worry these amazing products are all available for you to purchase from our teams personalized recommendations or for you to personally pick from yourself. We exclusively use their professional hair color and hair treatment products as well, that still allows us to customize during your consultation with so many choices that will give you beautiful, healthy, long lasting and vibrant color. 
This decision for change did not come lightly. Our thoughts are always geared toward our guests and the best results for their hair. Ultimately, Davines stands for eco-packaging, B-corporation certified, sustainability, uses 100% clean electric from renewable energy, and is 100% transparent with the ingredients they put into their products (which all can be found here). With much consideration, we are very excited to be offering a much safer product. 
One part of the color line is an innovative permanent cream-based coloring system using Vibrachrom technology that is unprecedented in the cosmetics world, giving hair intense conditioning power and extraordinarily shiny, long-lasting color, by penetrating more evenly into the hair structure. Flexible, easy-to-use system with low ammonia smell ideal for covering white hair, reflect changing, darkening or lightening up to three levels. All PPD and parabens free. As a bonus, the packaging is made of FSC recycled paper and is compostable.
Another exciting element of the color line is available by request and called “A New Colour”.  This is an ammonia free product and follows the same passion for innovation as Vibrachrom.  Other products include direct deposit color with Finest Pigments for a superior toning with new colors and shades!
Be sure to also check out our new hair thinning and hair loss product with modern advancements in science and technology, you should expect in today’s hair care with Ethica Beauty products.  Ethica provides professional salon products that utilize proprietary “multiple benefit technology” to maximize the potential of any hair type.  Now offering their Anti-Aging Shampoo, Conditioner and Advance Topical Ageless (if you have thinning hair) or Corrective (if you have areas with no hair growth) daily scalp treatments.   

The same factors and considerations have been taken for our spa products, services and what we offer to you.  Again, clean beauty with results has been our goal from day one and we have achieved that by introducing several exclusive, high end, natural and environmental skin and body products.  Many of these products balance sustainability as well and when it is not, they find an alternative that is the same or better. 
We want all of our products that are used and sold at Pyara Spa and Salon to be non-toxic and natural ingredients that can be added to anyone’s daily rituals.  With the movement over the last several years towards more transparency and reasonability in sourcing and formulation of products, it makes us proud to be offering: Circadia, Nautropathica, Voesh New York and a few more exciting product lines to be announced soon!

Circadia professional skincare is based on the skin and body’s natural Circadian rhythms. They have been a pioneer in bringing the concept of Circadian rhythms to the health and wellness industry.  Circadia’s formulations combine pure botanicals, stem cell technology, second generation vitamins, and innovative peptide development to achieve optimal skin health and beauty. Their concept allows them to deliver science and nature in perfect rhythm.  They work with peptides for rebuilding the skin and improves it overall. 

Naturopathica is inspired by their background in herbalism, belief in the healing power of plants and are committed to clean, sustainable ingredients. They take a holistic approach to health and beauty, seeking the source of an imbalance rather than the symptom to provide true and lasting results.  This allows them to offer products that are Clean, Effective and Holistic while being able to stand by their simple values based on Environment, Animal Safety, Community and Made in the USA.

Voesh New York offers quality products with powerful results.  At Voesh they have always been the leader in honest, natural, clean and ethical manufacturing practices and are one step ahead to find the best ingredients in the world for your best spa experience.  They promise to use safe and pure ingredients that are always VEGAN / PARABEN-FREE / GLUTEN-FREE / CRUELTY-FREE.

To learn more about any or all of our products please visit our products we use page here: