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Cezanne - The Non-toxic Solution For Frizz-free Hair

Cezanne - The Non-toxic Solution For Frizz-free Hair

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes more rain and higher humidity. That means one thing- more frizz! Keratin treatments have revolutionized hair care when it comes to managing frizz. But you may worry about exposure to the toxic chemicals in some treatments. With non-toxic Cezanne keratin treatments, you can have gorgeous frizz-free hair without the worry.

What is Cezanne?

Cezanne is a keratin treatment that smoothes and strengthens your hair. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in the outer layer of your hair. It is often lost through heat styling, chemical processing, and other environmental damage. Cezanne replaces the keratin to smooth the cuticle of your hair. This provides strength, reduces drying time, and protects hair from damage. It gives you beautiful hair that is free from frizz and flyaways.

What Makes it Different From Other Keratin Treatments?

Many keratin treatments on the market today contain toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Many people wish to avoid such harsh ingredients. Cezanne is completely formaldehyde-free. With its nourishing botanical extracts, amino acids, proteins, and vitamins, Cezanne delivers the same smoothing results without the harsh and toxic ingredients.

How Long Will It Last?

How long the treatment lasts can vary a bit from person to person. You can expect 3-5 months of silky smooth strands. Cezanne is waterproof, but you can make it last a little longer by washing your hair less often. There are great dry shampoos available to help keep your hair fresh between washings.

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