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Relax, Refresh, And Energize With Pyara Body Polish

Relax, Refresh, And Energize With Pyara Body Polish

If you’re looking for a luxurious treatment that will leave your skin looking healthy with a youthful glow, a Pyara Aroma Body Polish may be just what you’ve been looking for. A body polish is a perfect complement to other spa treatments, such as massage, and offers many benefits for your skin.


A body polish is similar to a facial, but for your whole body. It exfoliates your skin from head to toe leaving you with a healthy and youthful glow. A blend of natural exfoliants and aromatherapy oils removes dead skin cells while stimulating the production of new cells which will improve the condition and appearance of your skin. Once the exfoliant is rinsed away, a rich oil or lotion is applied to lock in moisture and nourish your skin for longer-lasting results.


After a body polish, your skin will be softer, healthier, and well hydrated. This treatment is great for addressing dry, sun-damaged skin as well as clogged pores and breakouts. Treating your skin with a bit of pampering can also offer benefits in addition to more beautiful skin.


Indulging in a relaxing spa treatment like a body polish helps to relieve stress. The calming and peaceful atmosphere and aromatherapy oils help to relax your mind and allow you to unwind from the stress of your day. It’s a great way to reset and recharge.


The process of exfoliation increases blood flow throughout your body which not only aids in the skin renewal process but also refreshes tired overworked muscles. This leaves you with an all-over refreshed feeling that can energize you. The exfoliation also preps your skin for even application of products allowing them to absorb more thoroughly and work more effectively.


If you’re ready to experience the many benefits of a body polish at PYARA SPA AND SALON, give us a call at 781-270-9200 or BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE and find out for yourself just how relaxing, refreshing, and energizing a Pyara Aroma Body Polish can be. You’ll find us at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.