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Elevate Your Hairstyles This Spring And Summer With Hair Extensions

Elevate Your Hairstyles This Spring And Summer With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a major trend among celebrities and in the fashion world and this has brought with it a whole menu of extended hairstyles to choose from. Hair extensions have many benefits, but the one that is taking center stage this spring and summer is their ability to elevate a simple and easy hairstyle to the next level and take it from something boring to something fabulous. No matter the hairstyle you choose hair extensions can make all the difference whether for the office, the club, or a special event. 


Flowing Mermaid Waves

What hairstyle screams summer louder than long, billowing mermaid waves? We can’t think of one, unless it would be long, billowing mermaid waves with hair extensions. No other hairstyle captures the energy of the waves and tides the way these waves do, but if your hair is thin and limp the waves soon lose their momentum and fall flat. Hair extensions provide the volume and length needed for anyone to truly rock this style.. 


Retro Bouffant

Vintage hairstyles are back, and based on the fact that they are still gaining momentum they will likely be sticking around for some time. One such retro style that is just perfect for making use of the added volume that extensions have to offer is a bouffant, but not just any bouffant. This is a half-up style that shows off both your newfound volume and length. Extensions will give even the thinnest head of hair the volume it needs to pull off a big half-up bouffant as well as some long, flowing waves. 


Low Pony

The simple low ponytail has been on trend in the beauty world for some time now, but if it’s not done correctly it will look more plain than chic. If your hair is fine and thin it will lay flat and limp, and that’s not very exciting or fashionable. But add in some hair extensions and pump up the volume to create a simple yet stylish look for summer. Remember to hide the elastic by wrapping it with a section of hair and then tucking and pinning it underneath out of sight. 


High Pony

From one extreme to the other a high ponytail is a fast and easy way to create a fun look that will help you keep your cool in the summer heat. Hair extensions add extra volume and bounce to this style as well to banish boredom. Curls will add even more bounce and movement to this already lively style. 


Twist It Up

Hair extensions can transform any classic twist from boring to breathtaking. Try a chignon, a French twist, a bun, or a simple Gibson tuck. The wow factor and glamorous feeling that hair extensions impart on these styles will leave you feeling ready for the red carpet. These classic styles are absolutely perfect for any formal or casual event, even a luxurious spring wedding and hair extensions will take them to new heights.


Beautiful Braids

Braiding hair with extensions can sometimes be tricky to get the braids right without the extensions showing, but the right extensions placed just right can really add some dramatic volume for breathtakingly beautiful braids. Dutch braids are always a fun look for spring and summer and extensions will just add to the fun.


When you’re ready to give hair extensions a try come see the extension experts at PYARA SPA AND SALON We will discuss your hairstyle goals and help you choose the perfect extensions to make all of your spring and summer hair dreams a reality. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or BOOK YOUR  APPOINTMENT ONLINE. You’ll find us at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.