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Tips To Avoid “maskne” With Facials & Tips From Pyara Spa And Salon

Tips To Avoid “maskne” With Facials & Tips From Pyara Spa And Salon

Masks are still here and for many, our skin is paying the price. There’s a new term that has been adopted in the skincare world due to the skin issues that are popping up thanks to continual mask-wearing – it’s called maskne. Maskne is used in talking about the breakouts that occur from wearing your mask

Even though mask-wearing is still our “new norm”, it doesn’t mean you have to accept skin irritation and acne. At Pyara Spa and Salon, we offer a full array of facials to rejuvenate your skin to keep it smooth, healthy, and younger-looking.

While all of our specialty facials exfoliate, deliver hydration, and work to rebalance your skin, our estheticians can help you determine which of our facials will work best for your needs. They can help you choose from our Pyara Signature Facial, a Clarifying Facial, a Brightening Facial, or any of our other facial treatments offered.

In between regular facial treatments, you can help to avoid maskne at home with some tips for keeping your skin moisturized, healthy, and free from breakouts.

Skin Tips to Stop Maskne

Be picky about your mask. Only purchase masks that are made from soft, hypo-allergenic, breathable materials. Typically, natural fibers offer more benefits to your skin than synthetic fibers and are gentler on your skin. Synthetic fibers are more prone to adverse reactions when being used on delicate skin for long periods. It’s also important that your mask fit you well. Wearing a mask that is too tight will create pressure and lock in moisture, making you more susceptible to breakouts. A mask that is too loose-fitting will rub against your skin that can cause rashes. 

Keep several masks on hand. Depending on how many hours per day you must wear your mask, be sure to keep a few in your bag at all times. Breathing, talking, interacting with clients, and the humidity in the air all affect how much moisture builds up under your mask. This warm, damp climate is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow, leading to breakouts and rashes. By rotating masks throughout the day, it can help to protect your skin by keeping that area dry and free from excess bacteria.

Frequently wash your mask. Cloth masks should be wash often in detergent that is formulated for sensitive skin. We often use baby detergents for our little ones because of their delicate skin and to avoid irritation and rashes. Our face is just as delicate and we should treat it with care. If you don’t wash your mask consistently, bacteria and acne-causing dirt can build up in the material and rub off onto your face which can cause itchiness, inflammation, and will clog your pores.

Intensify your oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day may just not be enough anymore. Each time you exhale, you’re expelling small amounts of bacteria into your mask which is resting on your skin. It’s a good idea to keep a small toothbrush and travel-size mouthwash in your bag or at your desk so you can keep that area as clean, and bacteria-free, as possible.

Moisturize daily. It’s important to use a good-quality moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. Your Pyara Spa and Salon esthetician can help you determine which of our many moisturizers are right for your needs and skin type.

Because the mask causes moisture to be trapped and constantly rubs your delicate skin, you need to safeguard against your skin becoming dry and irritated. During this time, your skin will naturally be more prone to maskne, and keeping your skin well hydrated and healthy will help to prevent problems before they begin.

Take advantage of one of our many facials to help your skin stay healthy during this time. Let our estheticians show you which is best for your skincare needs, and relax in our soothing spa setting at Pyara Spa and Salon. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 to book your appointment. Our salon is located at 101 Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington or 1050 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge.