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Relish A Safe, Natural-looking Tan All Year Long

Relish A Safe, Natural-looking Tan All Year Long

At Pyara Salon and Spa, we know that with cold, dreary winter days comes the winter blues. It’s easy to fall into the trap of yearning for that sun-kissed summer tan again and memories of the warm sunny beach days, but you can pick up your mood with a sunless tanning experience to give you an even, natural tan all year round! We’re now offering Mystic Kyss Tanning, a safe and natural-looking spray tan solution to transform and enhance your individual skin tone for your own personalized sunless look. 

Check out these 7 benefits of sunless tanning:

No risk of skin cancer. It’s a known fact that frequent sun exposure can put you at risk for skin cancer. You can significantly reduce the risk of skin problems by choosing our spray tanning instead of exposing yourself to dangerous levels of UV rays just for a nice tan. Remember, a spray tan doesn’t protect you from UV rays, so always wear sunscreen protection while enjoying your sunless tan. 

Slow premature aging. Besides skin cancer, regular exposure to both UVA and UVB rays can lead to premature aging with an increase of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation spots. Too much sun can also diminish the natural elasticity in your skin, causing sagging, loose skin, especially around your cheeks and jawline. Not to mention rough, dry skin, which ages your skin and makes you look older.  

Even tan coverage. The process of spray tanning, with its fine mist, produces a natural, even coverage wherever you like without any streaking. With our new Mystic Kyss, you don’t have to worry about that orange glow that cheap spray tans offer. We’ve invested in only the best modern technology to ensure that you get a gorgeous, natural color, no matter how dark you decide to go. 

Conceal and slim. A little base tan gives an instant slimming look to your entire body. At the same time, a nice tan can hide the appearance of cellulite, minor scarring, blemishes, and pigmentation marks. 

Quick long-lasting results. The results of spray tanning are faster than lotions, gels, and laying out for hours in the sun! Typically, our sunless tan will last between 5 to 10 days, making it a convenient choice for a special occasion. When you come into Pyara and enjoy regular treatments, you’ll enjoy your bronze glow all year long. 

Enjoy a tan with sensitive skin. If you have a complexion that is sensitive to sustained light, you can still enjoy a nice base tan and a healthy-looking complexion with sunless tanning. 

Safe tanning. At Pyara, we use only eco-certified tanning ingredients to ensure that it’s safe for even sensitive skin. Our products also contain hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body, that has deep hydrating qualities. It functions as a humectant that holds water molecules on the surface of your skin, keeping it hydrated. 

How does the Mystic Kyss Booth work? Our Mystic Kyss booth offers a spacious and inviting setting that doesn’t feel uncomfortable or cramped. You will stand in two positions and simply follow the clear and concise voice prompts. At the end of your session, you’ll enjoy the heated dry to guarantee a complete, even tan every time with no stickiness.


Let our expert staff at Pyara Spa and Salon show you how our Mystic Kyss works and how you can get the tan you want for the New Year. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or book your appointment online. Our salon is located at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.