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She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not….

She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not….

She loves me, he loves me not….

Finding the perfect stylist is like finding the perfect friend: nearly impossible, but when it does happen, you want to keep that bond special and never lose it.  When a friend moves away we mourn and our heart breaks. A stylist is no different. So what do we do when we are left to find a new stylist, or maybe it isn’t quite working out and we don’t know how to let them down?

The relationship is so important, and the lines of understanding and trust between you and your stylist are so invaluable, it’s no laughing matter and more people should be open about it!

That is why we are here to help.  Whether in a rut with your services; you love your stylist but don’t love your hair, or you simply need to try something new: Don’t hold back, IT’S YOUR HAIR!

We’ve enlisted Christine Perkins, owner of Pyara Spa & Salon to touch on the relationship you and your stylist have, and how to help make that relationship stronger.  Your stylist should help you with your beauty needs, not hurt.  You should leave the salon each visit feeling better than the last.  Are they discussing the truth about things such as your thinning hair and giving solutions? Are they discussing services that are available to you just by learning your needs? This is an educational journey that both of you should be signed up to take, and you should always be “in the know.”


As we know, ALL relationships take work (trust us, we know), so take a peek at these quick tips on how you can make your stylist the least of your worries!