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How The Right Haircut And Color Can Help Mature Women Look Younger

How The Right Haircut And Color Can Help Mature Women Look Younger

You have probably never thought of hair color as having the potential to be aging or anti-aging, but it can be either depending on what colors are chosen or how they are used. Skincare isn’t the only anti-aging beauty treatment. Mature women can use not only hair color but also haircuts to help them look younger as well. Today we’ll share some expert hairdresser tips with you to help you learn how to use your haircut and color to your advantage in the battle against time.

Think Carefully About Color

The first tip for using your hair to look younger is to think carefully about your color. Colors that looked great in your younger years could be revealing your age after 40. For most mature women a lighter shade will help to shave some years off of their appearance, whereas very dark shades can add 10 years or more to your appearance by emphasizing discolorations, lines, and shadows that make you look older.


Why does this happen? As we age our epidermis, the outer layer of skin and the layer of fat underneath begin to thin. The number of pigment-containing cells, called melanocytes, also decreases. The combination of these two factors gives aging skin a paler, translucent look. As a result, the rich chocolate brown that looked so fabulous in your 20s now leaves you looking tired and washed out. A lighter shade would brighten your complexion and make you look more vibrant and alive.


Multional colors are the best choice as they are best at concealing grays and blending with roots as they grow. Flat colors provide no interest and so the sole focus is on your face rather than your overall image. This draws attention to the very imperfections that you’re trying to hide. The combination of several different tones along with face-framing highlights will give you a soft look that instantly takes years off of your face. Once you’ve settled on a flattering hair color your attention can move on to your haircut and style.


Be Intentional With Your Cut and Style

There is this preconceived idea when it comes to haircuts for older women that shorter is always better. That is simply not true. While asymmetrical bobs and choppy pixie cuts look stunning on mature women, with the right layered cut long hair can be equally as flattering. Whatever length you choose you should be looking for a softer cut with more texture. Blunt cuts draw attention to lines, and one-length cuts weigh hair down making it look more thin and limp. Textured cuts with soft lines and gentle layers create extra body and movement for a more youthful look. Bangs should be angled and wispy rather than straight across and heavy. 


In the hands of a skilled stylist, your hair can give you a sort of instant facelift, without all of the expense and recovery time. With the right cut, well-planned color, and gorgeous style you’ll soon be looking and feeling younger and more confident. 


You can trust the amazing stylists at  PYARA SPA AND SALON to design a custom style and color for you that will give you the gorgeous and more youthful look you want. Aging gracefully doesn’t mean you have to look your age. It means aging with beauty, confidence, grace, and style, and that is exactly what we would love to help you do. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE. You’ll find us at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.