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Treat Your Skin To A Hydrafacial At Pyara Spa And Salon

Treat Your Skin To A Hydrafacial At Pyara Spa And Salon

If you want to start 2021 with a great skincare routine, beginning with a HydraFacial at Pyara Spa and Salon is a great start! This hydradermabrasion treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection to help even out skin tone and leave you with a smoother texture. This is the perfect first step to begin a new regimen of skincare for the new year!

At Pyara Spa and Salon, we have a whole menu of HydraFacials to target those specific skin concerns you have. Each of our HydraFacials goes through a five-step process.

  • Cleansing – a deep cleanse to ensure your face is free from makeup, dirt, and environmental elements so that your skin can best absorb.


  • Exfoliation – remove dead skin cells to prep your skin and clean pores for fresh, clean skin.


  • Extraction – your Pyara esthetician will clear any clogged pores and extract impurities with an extraction treatment.


  • Hydration – hydration is the foundation of radiant skin. We will hydrate your skin with soothing, moisturizing serums to help with fine lines and wrinkles to help smooth out your skin.


  • Antioxidant Protection – your skin will be infused with nourishing, antioxidant serums, and vital nutrients to protect your skin and slow the signs of aging.

HydraFacials fight the signs of aging, helps clear acne and stops future breakouts, works to repair damage from the sun and evens out skin pigmentation. No matter which HydraFacial you choose, you will leave the salon with clearer, smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin. 

All of our HydraFacials are soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive, and non-irritating. It’s safe for most skin types including aging, thin skin, ethnic skin, dry skin, and oily skin and with no downtime or discomfort, it is the perfect relaxing spa treatment for both your skin and your mind.

Results are immediate but with regular HydraFacials, you will enjoy the maximum long-term benefits. Your Pyara esthetician can help you determine how often you should book a HydraFacial and which is best for your needs.

At Pyara Spa and Salon, our professional estheticians can help customize a regular skincare routine for healthy, younger-looking skin. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 to book your consultation. Our salon is located at 101 Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington or 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.