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Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

So, you’re thinking of trying life as a blonde? Blonde is a fun and beautiful color, but it’s also a hair color that requires a slightly higher commitment level. So, there are a few important things to consider before you dive in and bleach your hair. We’ll go over some of the top considerations here today to help you decide if you’re ready to make that leap.

Skin Tone- When choosing a shade of blonde one of the most important things to consider is your skin tone. Anyone can pull off blonde hair. The key is choosing a shade that compliments your complexion. Your colorist will be your biggest help in getting the color selection right. You’ll want to select a warm golden blonde if you have a warm skin tone and a cool ashy blonde if your skin tone is cool. Darker blondes generally look best paired with darker skin, and lighter blondes look great with lighter skin tones.

Haircut and Style- To make sure that your cut and color work well together it’s a good idea to find a haircut and style that you really love before changing your color. Then you can choose a shade of blonde that will accentuate your style and grow well with it. Having your style already established also helps with the placement of highlights to create the most flattering look.

Wardrobe and Makeup- Going blonde could mean overhauling your wardrobe. The colors that looked great when you were a brunette may leave you looking washed out when you have golden locks. Your makeup bag may need a makeover as well because colors will look different against a lighter backdrop. 

Maintenance- Roots can be a major issue with blonde hair. Unless you like the rooted look and plan for it by choosing a blonde that works well with your natural color, you’ll need regular touch-ups to keep your color looking natural. You’ll also need high-quality hair care products such as Davines Alchemic Shampoo, Golden that are formulated to keep your color true and stave off brassiness. A beautiful blonde mane is completely worth the extra effort, but it is important to know how much maintenance is involved to be sure you’re ready to commit to it.

Time Commitment- Typically the transition from dark to light is not a one-step process. Going from brunette to platinum overnight could cause significant damage to your hair, so the lighting process is usually done in stages to make sure that the color is right and that your hair remains strong and healthy throughout the process. So you need to be willing to set aside the time to complete the process as well as to live with the gorgeous transition colors you will have along the way. 

Get Your Hair In Shape- If you’ve made it this far and you still want to give blonde tresses a try, it’s time to prepare for the process. The first step is to make sure that your hair is as healthy as possible before your first color appointment. Your colorist will need to assess the condition of your hair to be able to recommend special products or professional conditioning treatments needed to get your hair in shape for coloring.

Get It Cut- As we mentioned before, you’ll get the best results if you begin your journey to blonde with the cut you intend to rock with your new golden locks. Your colorist will be better able to envision the final result and properly plan out your color process to create the look you want.

Disclose Your Full Hair History- Now is not the time to pretend your hair is naturally curly if it’s not. Keeping secrets from your colorist could spell disaster for your strands. Let your colorist know up front exactly how much chemical processing your hair has been exposed to. This includes both color and texture treatments, as well as smoothing treatments. They will then be able to customize your color treatment plan to avoid overprocessing and damaging your hair.

Whether you’re ready to jump in and go blonde right away, or if you’re interested but still not quite sure if blonde is right for you the expert colorists at PYARA SPA AND SALON can help you decide as well as help you choose the perfect shade to compliment your complexion for a stunning and natural look. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or BOOK YOUR COLOR APPOINTMENT ONLINE. We look forward to seeing you soon at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.