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Cold-weather Tips For Healthy Hair Extensions

Cold-weather Tips For Healthy Hair Extensions

Whether you have hair extensions or are wanting to get them and wondering how to keep them healthy in the winter, our stylists at Pyara Spa and Salon will help you with the best hair care routine to protect your hair extensions through the season of cold weather.

The first step to taking great care of your hair extensions is to ensure your natural hair is taken care of first and foremost. Here are cold-weather tips to make sure that both your extensions and your natural hair are properly cared for in the winter.

Modify your hair products. Hair needs extra moisture in the winter – between the dry air, and indoor heating, your hair can dry out quickly in the cold months. When you come in for a haircut, new extensions, or touch-ups, your Pyara Salon stylist will help you determine the most nourishing, hydrating hair shampoo & conditioner for you to use with your hair type, texture, and extensions.

Take care with hair conditioning and bonding oil. Hair extensions need more moisture in the winter, so indulging in a weekly deep conditioning mask and a nightly application of bonding oil such as Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil can help immensely. Remember: when using a conditioning mask, only apply from mid-shaft to the ends so that it doesn’t break down or damage your bonds. When applying the bonding oil, you can apply it before bedtime so it will absorb while your sleep.

Limit washing. If you’re someone who has always been in the habit of washing their hair daily, it can cause damage to your hair & extensions. Limit hair washing to 2-3 times a week at most, less if you can. When you condition, which is safe to do more often, avoid applying it to the roots to keep the tape-ins lasting as long as possible.

Brush wisely. When it comes to combing or brushing, you can use a normal brush to detangle your hair. Use an extension-safe brush over the bonds to stop matting, but ask your Pyara stylist for the best type of brush to protect the bonds and prevent snagging. Brushing daily will help both your hair and extensions to stay healthy and manageable. Especially brush before bedtime but after you apply the bonding oil so it will help to distribute and nourish.

Comb your extensions properly. If you’re new to extensions, or just need a brush-up of how to properly comb your extensions, our stylist can show you before leaving the salon. Combing helps distribute natural oils from the scalp down so both your natural hair and your extensions benefit from the extra moisture.


  • Hold your hair roots to add support to your extensions and start by combing below the bonds.


  • Start at the end and work your way upwards.


  • Brush both your hair and extensions in a downward motion following the natural direction of the hair. 


Never leave the hair with wet hair. If you expose both your wet natural hair and hair extensions to the cold air, it can cause breakage and other damage. Not only can your hair freeze when wet hair is exposed to freezing air, but your extensions can be damaged and not last as long as they could. To protect your hair, thoroughly blow dry your hair before heading out the door.

Use good-quality heating tools. If you’re a regular user of heated styling tools, reduce the heat, use a diffuser, and purchase tools with ceramic plates to reduce frizz and overheating. Always use a heat protectant before styling your hair!

Protect your extensions with a winter hat. When the air is freezing or it’s windy out, it’s a good idea to protect your hair with a winter beanie. The more insulating type of hat the better. Wearing one made of cotton material, or lined with a soft fabric like satin will stop your extensions from snagging, breakage, and frizz.

At Pyara Spa and Salon, we offer Nano Hair Extensions, Tape-In Hair Extensions, and Hand-Tied Hair Weft Extensions. At your consultation, your stylist will go over with pros and cons of both so that you choose the best choice for your hair, hair texture, color, and to ensure that you get the perfect look that you want.

Taking good care of your hair extensions means longer-lasting, healthier-looking, manageable hair that will look picture-perfect every day. Let our expert staff at Pyara Spa and Salon keep your hair extensions looking their best. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or book your appointment online. Our salon is located at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.