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These Minimalist Hair Colors Are In High Demand For 2023

These Minimalist Hair Colors Are In High Demand For 2023

Minimalism is taking over the beauty world in 2023 in everything from fashion to makeup to hair color. As everyone’s lives get busier they start looking for ways to simplify, and that means embracing natural beauty and simplicity. That doesn’t mean that you go bare-faced and stop coloring your hair. It simply means choosing shades that have a natural feel to create a low-maintenance look. These hair colors do just that and will be in high demand this year.


Illuminated Brunette

If your hair is naturally dark this color will require minimal processing making it healthier for your hair. A dark brown base with full highlights throughout gives the earthy tone a lift of brightness for a highly dynamic color that’s full of light and movement.


Liquid Espresso

Liquid brunettes will be hot this year. These colors have a glossy shine that reflects light and almost looks wet, hence the “liquid” in the name. Deep, rich espresso will be one of the top picks for this gorgeous coloring technique.


Pale Honey Blonde

This light warm honey color will help warm up pale winter complexions as we head into spring. The buttery gold strands may show a tendency towards being brassy, but an occasional application of silver tone to the ends will combat the brass and keep the color creamy.


Dirty Blonde

This darker blonde is a great neutral color that has a mix of both warm and cool undertones so it works with most skin tones. It’s easily customized to bring out your best features by adding in more warm or cool-toned highlights. 


Bronde Beauty

If you can’t decide whether you want to go blonde or brunette, compromise with a bronde balayage. With equal parts blonde and brunette, it’s another neutral color that compliments the light and dark complexions alike. Keep the balayage subtle for the cooler months and add in a bit more sunny lightness as the weather warms.


Dark Cinnamon Hazelnut

Is this one brown or red? Well, really it’s both! Hints of warm dark cinnamon give the deep brown hazelnut undertones a soft red glow. This is a great way to get a low-maintenance experience with subtly red hair.


Deep Auburn

Auburn is more red than brown, but the brown undertones keep it feeling earthy and natural against many skin tones. If your hair is naturally dark you can keep this super low maintenance by making your roots a few shades darker to help blend new growth for less frequent salon visits.

Subtle Ombres

This is probably the lowest maintenance hair color choice there is because it starts with your own natural color and just gives it a lift. With your natural color at the base the color graduates several shades lighter as it goes towards the ends to give you a lighter color that will blend seamlessly as it grows.


Whatever color you choose you can keep it looking fresh with Davines Alchemic color enhancing shampoos and conditioners. Shampooing less often and avoiding heat styling will also help prevent your color from fading. Take good care of your color and it will last a lot longer.


The expert colorist here at  PYARA SPA AND SALON will be happy to create a custom hair color for you to help you embrace the minimalist look while still giving your hair gorgeous, head-turning color and shine. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or BOOK YOUR HAIR COLOR APPOINTMENT ONLINE. You’ll find us at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.