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Make A Statement With A New Haircut In 2021

Make A Statement With A New Haircut In 2021

Looking for a change? A new hairstyle may just be on the list for this new year. Cut off all the chaos and bad memories of 2020 and enjoy a new you in 2021! We are seeing some tried and true haircut trends as well as some bold decisions when it comes to hair.

Whether you’re looking for a shaggy-chic look or need a complete update after being stuck without your favorite stylist for so long, Pyara Spa and Salon is ready to give you a whole new look. Here are some of the trendiest haircuts to watch for in 2021.

The Bob is In

Bobs are one of those haircuts that we just keep seeing over and over. While there are variations of the classic bob over time, this year we are seeing a trend toward a more natural look – natural movement in the back with a blunt, unstructured cut at chin length so that you can tuck your hair behind the ear for a down-to-earth style. Instead of flat ironing your hair straight, we are seeing clients embrace their natural texture and letting their bob air dry.

The bob is a great cut for every hair texture and fits virtually every face shape, making it largely popular among all age groups. The bob can even vary with length, making it a staple cut no matter the year. Depending on how your stylist cuts your bob, it can add volume to thinning hair or make your hair feel soft and breezy with thick hair.

The Bold Pixie

The pixie cut is another classic style that can range from downright adorable to chic & sexy. We are seeing bold statements with very short pixies, even close to a buzz cut on the sides. Another big feature of the modem pixie is layers – lots and lots of layers. With just a little styling product, your pixie cut can go from sleek professional to ultra-sexy to a soft tousled flirty look.

Natural Shag

Now that we have gotten over the hump of this pandemic, women are feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. The super shaggy haircut with a ton of loose layers that flow naturally is a big trend right now. Shaggy waves, or long layers, are back in, so embrace those layers and love your feathered bangs. This is a low-maintenance haircut so that you can just let your hair air dry in the morning and still look great all day long.

The Mullet as a Statement

Love it or not, the mullet is back in for women this season. It’s historically been a statement haircut and it still will be in 2021. To go along with that feeling of empowerment from the hardships of 2020, women are also wanting to explore their options and break free from the standard messy bun and ponytail. You’ll see a lot of layers with mullets this year, a variety of bangs, and even variations with vibrant colors.

Bangs are the Rage This Year

You’ll be seeing a huge outbreak of bangs in 2021, and not just one style. You’ll see curtain bangs, wild and wispy bangs, and side-swept bangs to name just a few.

  • Curtain bangs: This soft and flirty look can be done with a variety of hair lengths. These bangs are a blend of modern-stylish with a touch of retro and are a great option to give some attention around the face without committing too much. These bangs are also a good choice because as they grow out they’ll just add beautiful layers, so they don’t need to be trimmed as frequently as other styles.


  • Wispy bangs: These wispy bangs are perfect for both straight and curly hair. Instead of being blunt, they are tousled and layered to frame the face with all the texture and style of your natural hair. These wild bangs are meant to look a bit wind-blown to add to the carefree style, so you don’t have to worry all day about how they’re laying. These are great for any haircut and any length so if you’re wanting bangs, ask your Pyara stylist if these are right for you.


  • Side-swept bangs: These are coming back strong in 2021, but with a slight twist. While we were used to seeing them as an awkward short bang being forced to the side of the forehead, we’ve got it right this time. They are longer, wispier, and can be either a sexy look with an updo, or they can be cute and casual in either an updo, a half-do, or just loose-flowing hair.

There are still many hair trends we’re seeing this season including the lob, shoulder-length cuts with invisible layers, natural afros, edgy & bold cuts, and more! If you’re ready for a new look, the expert stylists at Pyara Spa and Salon can help you customize a haircut to suit your lifestyle and personality. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 to book your consultation. Our salon is located at 101 Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington or 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.