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Get A Fresh Look This Summer With A New Hairstyle

Get A Fresh Look This Summer With A New Hairstyle

Summertime is for fun, sun, and throwing caution to the wind. We aren’t talking anything crazy, just perhaps a new hairstyle for a whole new, fresh look. There is an abundance of trending hairstyles this summer to give you some inspiration to update your hairstyle.

The Power of Bangs

If you want a new look but aren’t ready to lose your length, try adding some bangs to your hairstyle. This summer, almost every style of bang is trending, so there are many options to choose from.

If you want bangs that blend in well with your current hairstyle, curtain bangs are parted in the center and flow down each side. Another choice is choppy bangs, which offer a chic, layered look that frames your face but will blend naturally into your current style.

Want something a little fun and sassy? Asymmetric angled bangs are a fun style – it starts shorter on one side and the bang gradually becomes a longer bang on the other side. It fits with almost any cut, but paired with a bob, it adds extra shape to your current look.

Blunt-cut bangs are still trending, sitting right above your eyebrow and giving you a definite line between your bang and the rest of your hair. This is great for thicker hair or hair that’s been relaxed.

High Spirited Pixie

If you want to beat the heat with short hair, the pixie is one of best hairstyles to embrace. This cut is loaded with layers and your hairstylist will personalize your pixie to shape your face for the perfect look to keep you cool and trendy all summer long.

Natural Center Part

If you’ve spent countless months growing out your hair, natural is the name of the game this season. Ask your Pyara stylist to trim the split ends from your hair, keeping the length, and focusing on a center part in your hair this season. Something as simple as changing the part in your hair can give you a fresh look, leaving friends wondering what you did differently. Love the center part look? Add some long curtain bangs to your center part for a soft, blended look.

Love that Shag

Trends love to come back from into style and the 70s shag is no exception. The shag has a modern update with a heavily layered look – perfect for thinning, straight, or curly hair – and with focused, shorter layers to perfectly frame your face. This cut can be personalized with layers of different lengths to suit your hair texture. 

Feminine Mullet. Although the mullet is typically known as a men’s style from the 80s, this updated feminine version is definitely a hot look for summer. This haircut boasts tons of stunning layers with a soft gradual blend between the longer back and shorter front layers. This fun hairstyle works with almost every hair texture and looks great for a formal event by adding volume and curl!

Flip-Up Style

Once again, an older style comes back strong. We saw this style in the 90s – with its deep-side part, cowlick-style wave on top, and a defined flip-up at the end makes this high-volume look popular once again. For a natural look with tons of personality, ask your stylist about this hairstyle.

For a fresh look this summer with a new hairstyle, make an appointment at Pyara Spa and Salon today. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 to book your appointment. Our salon is located at 101 Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington or 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.