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Liven Up Winter With A New Hair Color For 2022

Liven Up Winter With A New Hair Color For 2022

Winter doesn’t have to be cold and dreary, liven it up with amazing new hair color from one of our master hair colorists at Pyara Spa and Salon. We’re seeing a lot of all-over colors and multi-dimensional highlights that are definitely heating the winter season. Here are some of our favorite choices from the stylists at Pyara Salon.

Mocha Brown Delight. If you’re loving the deep brunette shade, add a little life to your deep mocha color with some caramel and toffee highlights. Choose to place them as subtle babylights around the face or give them a life of their own woven throughout. The blend of light and dark will be perfect for the winter, but the highlights will shine through, reminding you that spring is on the way. 

Red, Red, Wine. This enticing rich color begins with a deep chocolate brown base with brandy red wine highlights strategically place through the hair. Our stylists will make sure it’s a perfect blend of the bold, deep red wine with rich, chocolate brown to make it look like it’s a part of your natural hair. 

Intense Copper. Red is always in fashion, and this season we’re seeing a lot of deeper, coppery brown shades that are both alluring and fiery for a bold look that will stand out against the dreary winter landscape.

High Dimension Balayage. Balayage is still a hot ticket salon item – and for great reason. This technique of hand-painted highlights can be used for subtle, natural-looking highlights but we’re seeing that change this season to opting for more high-contrast colors to add a ton of depth and dimension to your style. 

Silver Ombre. Turn heads this winter with jet-black roots seamlessly blending and transforming into silvery grey tips. Ombre is a wonderful coloring technique that seamlessly blends many colors for a multi-dimensional contrast from the roots to the tips. We love the technique because, with the magic of ombre, your hair looks completely different in an updo than it does flowing freely down.

Icy Blonde. While platinum blonde is a sought-after shade for summer, we’re seeing a lot of requests for this icy blonde, which is the perfect shade to compliment the freshly fallen snow of winter. Your Pyara stylist can help you choose the right shade of cool blonde that will flawlessly work with your skin tone. 

Magnificent Magenta. If you love the trends of pink from 2021, you’ll love this new hair color shade that shimmers and reflects with a vivid mix of pink, red, and purple for a stunning look. 

Deep Brown with Ultraviolet Undertones. If you have a deep brown or almost black base, give it a splash of contrast with a cool-tone purple or violet shade under your base for a truly refreshing look. 

No matter what changes in hair color you go for, our stylists will recommend the best professional haircare products that we offer so that your hair stays healthy, manageable, and shiny while keeping your hair color as vibrant as the day you got your fabulous new color.

Let our expert staff at Pyara Spa and Salon give you the new hair color, hairstyle, and conditioning treatment that will help you look and feel your best. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or book your appointment online. Our salon is located at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.