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Seasonal Makeup Trends For A Flawless Fall Look

Seasonal Makeup Trends For A Flawless Fall Look

Crisp fall weather is here, and with it comes fashionable sweaters, boots, vibrant scarves, and stylish leather jackets. When you bring out your cold-weather wardrobe, often it inspires you to want to change seasonal colors, including your makeup choices.

This season we’re seeing the predictable warmer colors with eyeshadows, liners, and lip colors, but some of the bright and vibrant colors of summer are still going strong for many. We’re attributing it to being able to finally show off our entire faces versus mask-wearing, where we were only able to show off our eyes. Our Youngblood product line has some great options for you!

Dewy finish for cold weather. Our makeup artists are seeing dewy, breathable coverage trending as the weather gets cooler. We favor a tinted moisturizer that provides light coverage that you can build upon as needed with a dewy finish. This keeps your skin moisturized from the dry winter air while giving you the freedom to personalize your look.

Eye-conic allure. Eyes are still the main focus going into fall and winter, with mascara being the staple everyone needs in their makeup bag. Try a bright color of eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes paired with volumizing mascara. We’re still seeing graphic eyeliner on top this season as well as using eyeliner for a soft, smoky effect for hot nighttime looks. Cat eyes are always in fashion to elongate your eyes, making them look bigger and wider. No matter which look you choose, be sure to finish it off with volumizing mascara to make a big statement.

Renewing your blush colors. Blush is making its way back into the limelight this season with corals, bright pinks, and shades of berry. It helps to give you a bright, refreshed hue to your cheeks this season. For a monochromatic look, you can use lip color on both your lips and cheeks if you prefer.

For the love of lip liner. The 90s are making a comeback when it comes to defined lips and lip liners this season. Shades of dirty plums, chocolate brown, taupe, and terracotta stains are popular lip colors this fall. However, you definitely don’t want to miss the lip liner! For a throwback 90s look, outline your lips with a brown or plum lip liner, fill in with color, and top off with a clear gloss.

Monochromatic appeal. A big fall trend is a monochromatic look. Pick your favorite matte shade and use it on your lids, cheeks, and lips for a wonderfully magical and put-together look.

Pyara’s Makeup Services

Makeup Lessons. If you’re makeup impaired or just aren’t sure if you’re doing it right, we offer Makeup Lessons to teach the proper techniques, the best color combinations for your skin tone, and different looks for day and night.

Full Makeup Application. At Pyara Spa and Salon, our professional makeup artists will create a picture-perfect look for your special occasion that is guaranteed to last all day and night.

Bridal Makeup. If you’re getting married, we offer Bridal makeup with a trial run for your wedding day. Our artists will ensure your makeup coordinates with your wedding style and skin tone so you will look and feel your best on your special day. Treat your bridal party to a full makeup application and we can give your entire wedding party the makeup they deserve that suits their skin tones and styles.

Makeup is the perfect tool to elevate your look this season. Our makeup artists at Pyara Spa and Salon are ready to help with your makeup questions. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 to book your appointment. Our salon is located at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.