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Get Ready For The Beach With A Mystic Tan

Get Ready For The Beach With A Mystic Tan

Can you believe that Summer is just a few short weeks away? Before you know it you’ll be lounging by the pool or heading off on a beach vacation. Of course, you want to look great when you step out on the sand, and you can with a Mystic Spray Tan. This safe, natural-looking, sunless spray tan will give you the tan look and the confidence you want without any of the risks of a traditional tan. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you’ll have when opting for a Mystic Tan. 


How Does The Mystic Kyss Booth Work?

The Mystic Kyss boot is just that, a spray tan booth. You’ll never feel cramped in our booths because they have ample room. Inside the booth, you will stand in two different positions as directed by the automated voice prompts. The special gets will deliver a fine mist of spray to cover all exposed skin with a beautiful golden glow. Once the spray is evenly applied you will enjoy a gently heated dry that sets the tan quickly and ensures you don’t leave the booth feeling sticky.


Doesn’t Damage Your Skin

UV rays from the sun or tanning beds cause damage to your skin that can result in premature aging or even skin cancer. By choosing a spray tan you get your beautifully tanned complexion you will avoid all of the risks involved with UV radiation exposure with a traditional tan. Just keep in mind that a spray tan doesn’t protect your skin from sunburn, so you will still need sunscreen when heading outdoors. 


An Even Tan- All Over

With our new Mystic Kyss modern spray technology, you will get a smooth, even tan all over your body. In the private and discreet booth swimsuits are not required and you can maneuver your body so that every single nook and cranny gets an even color. There will be no tan lines and no splotchy or streaky color, and you won’t turn orange. If you’ve tried other sunless tanning products and spray tans you know just what we mean. You will simply have a smooth, even, sun-kissed glow. 


It Has A Slimming Effect

A nice tan does more than give you a glowing color. A darker skin tone has a slimming effect and it reduces the appearance of cellulite. It may not be able to change what you see on the scale, but it will change what you see in the mirror, and that’s what matters most.


Ready In Minutes, Lasts For Days

Do you have a special event coming up that you need to get ready for in a hurry? Were you invited on a trip to the beach at the last minute? No worries! You can walk in pasty white and walk out with a gorgeous golden tan, ready to rock that swimsuit or party dress. You will be able to enjoy your gorgeous golden complexion for 5-10 days before it fades away, at which time you can just have another session to maintain your beautifully bronzed skin.


Great For Sensitive Skin

With Mystic Tan even the fairest, most sensitive skin can enjoy a lovely tan. Fair skin usually burns very easily. In fact, you may burn multiple times before your skin darkens even a tiny bit. If this is you you may have already given up on tanning altogether, but with Mystic Tan you don’t have to.


It Is Customizable

With a Mystic Tan, you get to choose your depth of color. Your tan can be just as light or as dark as you’d like it to be. You can start out lighter and then gradually build more color with each visit to make it appear to others that you’ve been basking in the sun. As long as you keep up with maintenance no one will ever guess that your tan is fake. 


Builds Self Confidence

Having a nice tan makes people feel more confident in their own skin, and when you feel confident you walk a little taller and present a self-assured image that others will envy. Now who couldn’t use a little boost to their self-esteem?


It Is A Safe And Hydrating Tan

Here at Pyara we only allow eco-certified tanning ingredients in our products. This not only ensures that it is safe for your skin, but safe for the environment too. Our spray tan also functions as a humectant to keep your skin deeply hydrated with hyaluronic acid which is a substance naturally found in the body that attracts water molecules to the surface of your skin from both inside and out. Tanning in the sun or a traditional tanning booth dries your skin out.


If it’s a completely natural tan that you want without spending hours in the sun come try a Mystic Spray Tan at PYARA SPA AND SALON. You’ll love the deep golden glow and the confidence it gives you as you head out on your beach vacation this summer. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or BOOK YOUR  APPOINTMENT ONLINE. You’ll find us at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.