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Gorgeous No-heat Hair Styling For Even The Curliest Hair

Gorgeous No-heat Hair Styling For Even The Curliest Hair

No heat styling techniques have been trending for a while now, but most show ladies with straight hair create bouncy curls and voluminous waves. What if you have naturally curly hair? Are you just left out of this hot hair styling trend? Not at all! Today we’re here to show you how these no-heat styling techniques can work with even the tightest coils. 


No Heat Curls and Waves

Sometimes it’s not that you don’t want curls, it’s just that you want something different. These techniques will allow you to change up your curl pattern with zero heat damage.


Smooth Sock Curls

The sock curling technique isn’t just for sticking straight strands. You can make this styling trick work for your curly hair as well. This technique will alter the shape and pattern of your curls giving you a smooth definition. First, gather some thin clean socks. Most people will need 4-6 socks, though the thicker your hair the more you’ll need. The longer your hair the longer the socks should be. Work a small amount of Davines Love Curl Cream through your hair and divide it into two-inch sections. Wrap each section around a sock and then roll up as close to your head as possible and tie the ends of the sock together. Repeat until all of your hair is tied up in socks and leave it overnight. In the morning untie and unwind the socks and very lightly finger-comb your beautifully smooth curls as needed to separate as much as you’d like. Spritz with spray to set and contain flyaways and you’re ready to go.


Headband Waves

If you’re not exactly excited about putting socks in your hair this headband curling method may be more appealing to you. As easy as the sock method is, many rave that this technique is even easier. To get started smooth Davines This Is A Curl Moisturizing Mousse through slightly damp strands. Put a headband over your hair from the crown pushing the loose end forward. Starting just above your ear wrap a section of hair around the headband tucking and pulling it under. Add another section and repeat to the center back. Repeat on the opposite side wrapping until all of your ends are wrapped around the headband. Secure any spots that feel loose with bobby pins and go to bed. In the morning unwrap your strands, and use a wide-toothed comb to comb it out for soft waves.


No Heat Straightening

It’s important to note that these techniques might not give you totally straight strands. What it will do is loosen and relax your curl pattern for a much straighter style.


Pin Straightening

To start this technique apply Davines This Is A Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid to slightly damp hair and then gather your hair at the crown into a bun and secure it with a scrunchie leaving the rest of your hair down. Part the remaining hair in the front and comb one side out smoothly. Working in small sections comb the remaining hair up and over in the same direction. Once all the loose hair has been combed smoothly to the same side, secure it tightly in place along your hairline with bobby pins. Continue to smooth and wrap your hair around the back of your head, around the front and back down the other side securing with pins as you go all the way to the ends of your hair. Now take down the bun and comb it smooth. Holding with one hand at your crown begin wrapping smoothly and securely around your head overtops but in the opposite direction of the previously wrapped hair securing with pins as you go. Cover with a silk scarf if you wish and leave it overnight. In the morning remove the pins and brush out your hair to smooth it.


Relax and Smooth With Ribbons

For smoother hair with relaxed waves start by applying Davines Love Smoothing Hair Smoother. Pull your hair into a tight low ponytail at the nape of your neck or part down the middle and do one on each side. Now start at the stop of the ponytail comb or brush your hair as smooth and straight as possible, wrapping the entire pony tightly with ribbon as you go. Continue all the way to the end. Secure the ribbon and leave your hair wrapped overnight. When you take it down in the morning you will find your hair smooth with the curl relaxed, no heat required.


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