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Top 2022 Makeup Trends You're Going To

Top 2022 Makeup Trends You're Going To "fall" In Love With

During the summer it can sometimes seem like a waste of time to even bother doing your makeup. When it's swelteringly hot you just sweat it right off, but when the weather cools off in the fall it's prime time to have fun with some new makeup looks. And that's exactly what this season's trends are about, having fun with your makeup. Here are some of the season's best makeup trends that you’re going to “fall” in love with.


 Blurred Lips

This is a low-maintenance look for your lips that consists of sheer layers of matte pigment. It gives a more natural lived-in look than defined liners and glossy lipsticks. The look is best achieved by using an eyeshadow blending brush to give you precise control of the level of pigment. You're going for a stained look.


Gem Studded Eyes

The sparkly crystal facial decals that have been so popular this year are sticking around for fall as well. To copy this trend starts with a well-defined liquid eyeliner and shimmery jewel-toned shadow. Then add your crystal embellishments to get that gem-studded look.


Red Vinyl Lips

In stark contrast to the blurred lip look, these are lips so shiny they almost look like vinyl. You can get this look by precisely lining your lips with dark red and then applying a high gloss bright red lipstick. For even more shine and longer wearability apply a liquid clear gloss top coat.


High Fashion Goth

If you'd like an edgy retro 90s look you'll love this modern update. The look starts with smudged graphic charcoal eyeliner. This will make your eyes quite striking, but the focal point is your lips. Heavily line them with deep navy, and then apply your favorite wine or berry lipstick. This will give you the edgy dark lip look while still allowing your favorite fall color to shine through. 


Natural Dewy Glow

The key to looking natural and glowing is all in the application technique. The look is achieved by underpainting cream bronzer and blush before applying a sheer foundation. This technique creates a perfectly blended and seamless finish. The cream formulas used to give your skin a fresh, glowing, and dewy appearance 


Wild Brows

The theme for brows this season is low maintenance. Say goodbye to the perfectly groomed brows of summer and embrace your wild side with fuller, bushier, and more natural brows. So let your brows go feral and pencil fill any thin spots for the full brow effect.


Sunburned Blush

This look gives your face a natural glow similar to having spent just a little too much time in the sun. Choose an autumn shade of brick, terracotta, or peach that best compliments your skin tone. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and lightly brush across the bridge of your nose and under your eyes to instantly warm up your complexion with a youthful, sunny glow.


Blurred Metallic Shadow

This is a magical, almost otherworldly look. Soft matte nudes on the rest of the face allow the shimmering washes of smudged silver metallic shadow to take center stage. Add a wash of metallic shimmer to your lips as well to intensify the effect.


Whether you’d like a professional application or if you want to perfect your technique with Instructional Makeup Services,  PYARA SPA AND SALON is here for you with expert skill and advice. We’ll help you find the perfect fall look and help you learn to recreate it at home. Give us a call at 781-270-9200 or BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE. You’ll find us at 1050 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.